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Combining Integrity with Technology

Multi-Choice Cash (MCC) was created to provide customized solutions to the gaming market. At MCC we are not satisfied with “Status Quo”. We continuously strive to offer new and innovative products and services in cash advance and cashless services area to develop customer acquisition, retention and assist in making your operations more efficient.

Without question, customers are your most valued assets, which is why you need to provide a complete cash access solution, giving them the most reliable, convenient and user-friendly solutions for ATM, All-in-One, credit and debit card cash advance, check cashing, ticket redemption and marketing promotions

ATM All-In-One

Multi-Choice Cash is one of the largest ATM providers to the gaming industry, offering standard ATM, credit or debit cash advance or check cashing.

Multi-Choice Cash Cage

Selecting the right Cash Access partner is critical to the success of your property. As customers use more debit and credit, it is important to have products that will give your customers multiple options to access their cash. This goes directly to playable dollars, and if customers cannot access cash then they cannot play!

Note Dispensing Unit (NDU)

The NDU connects directly to the MCC Cage System allowing direct connection to the Credit Card Cash Advance and Check Cashing system.

The NDU will perform payouts for each type of transaction in multiples of $20s and $100s, and any remaining funds due to the customer will be paid by the Cashier from their drawer.

Check Cashing

Multi-Choice Cash offers Check Cashing that virtually eliminates the risk of accepting checks. With more than 18 billion checks presented each year it is important to provide your customers the means to cash checks. In today’s economy, having a Check Guarantee program is an important means of minimizing risk.


Through our strategic partnerships with TITO kiosk manufacturers, Multi-Choice Cash can upgrade or retro-fit an existing TITO kiosk into a fully-functional ATM/Cash Access kiosk or advise you as to the best TITO kiosk for your specific needs.