Elevate Your Dispensary with ATM Merchant Systems

LAS VEGAS, NV, 10/16/2023 — ATM Merchant Systems, a leader in innovative financial solutions, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking ATM Program crafted especially for dispensaries. This program offers compliant, fully funded ATMs at zero cost to dispensaries, complete with a complimentary state-of-the-art digital topper that utilizes unused real estate in the storefront and offers additional revenue opportunities.

Compliance and Convenience

In today’s landscape, relying on an experienced, registered ATM company in dispensaries is crucial. The ongoing shutdown of “cashless” ATM terminals directly impacts your ability to conduct business. ATM Merchant Systems ensures that every ATM provided under this program is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations. Dispensaries can now offer their customers the convenience of easy, secure, and compliant cash transactions.

Fully Funded and Zero Cost

Dispensaries can now alleviate the financial burden associated with procuring and maintaining ATMs. ATM Merchant Systems provides fully funded ATMs at no cost to participating dispensaries, making it a revolutionary and invaluable offering for businesses in the cannabis sector. After all, a thriving business hinges on its clientele. On a more detailed level, putting cash in your customer’s hands empowers them to purchase their favorite products, ensuring your doors remain open and cash keeps flowing. Access to bank-funded vault cash provides ATM Merchant Systems with boundless scalability across the United States.

The Future of Branding: Free Digital Toppers

One of the most exciting aspects of this program is the inclusion of free digital toppers, provided by Zem Media. These state-of-the-art, eye-catching displays not only enhance the customer experience but also offer a unique opportunity for dispensaries to boost brand awareness and even create an additional revenue stream. The control of our portal is entirely in the hands of retail operations to utilize as they see fit.

Digital toppers are the future of dispensary branding. These dynamic displays not only provide an interactive experience for customers but also allow dispensaries to showcase their brands in an engaging and memorable way. It’s a win-win for both the dispensary and the customer.

Increasing Brand Visibility, Driving Revenue

The digital toppers not only enhance the aesthetics of the store but also utilize previously unused real estate, offering an innovative approach to maximizing space in dispensaries. They are visually striking and programmable, allowing dispensaries to showcase promotional content, highlight special offers, and even generate additional revenue by featuring third-party advertisements. This innovative feature opens new avenues for dispensaries to maximize their marketing efforts and generate additional streams of income.

Join the Revolution

For more information about ATM Merchant Systems’ Program for Dispensaries, please visit atmms.com/cannabis.


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